Why Carry A Pocket Knife (6 Reasons)

From the early stone age of mankind to the age of the iPhone 12, knives change their form, gaining more sharpness. Knives were always with people for protection or not; people needed it all the time. It’s a fact! From time to time, it improves its variety, gets smaller, and becomes handier. The most miniature one in size is known as a pocket knife.

But the pocket knife is not meant for protection only. It has other uses as well. It’s made so that you can do your daily chores more swiftly and more efficiently. Any small knife can be used as a pocket knife, like picking up a small knife from your kitchen. But, I oppose you in that case. Remember to use any gadget like the way it is built for. For example, ESEE Knife is a real edgy knife made for pocket use. Today I’m going to show you “why keep a pocket knife with you all the time.” Interested? Good. Let’s dive in.

Why Carry A Pocket Knife?

First thing first, we should all keep in mind that pocket knives are not made for self-defense. As human beings, it’s our instinctual attitude that sharp things are made for protection. That’s wrong. It is a must that a pocket knife can be used for safety, but people often forget the actual purpose why it is made? Remember that because it is made up of carbon steel, it makes it more durable and sharper. Besides, it’s lightweight, and coyote Brown sheath makes it handy and safe.

  • Everyday Task: Even though it looks boring, believe me, a pocket knife makes you very handy. From opening packages to cutting all your mails, even cutting loose threads of your shirt, a pocket knife has a lot of utility. Scissors and the toolbox that you never used might be hitting your mind. Then tell me, how often do you get them when you need them?
pocket knife

Or maybe you don’t know what or when to use it, leave things apart, increasing your burden. Very troubling, isn’t it? Introduce the pocket knife in your life! Now, when it comes to cutting wire, slicing your fruit, whittling tree branches everywhere throughout your daily life is now way more manageable.

  • Travelling & Hiking: If you are a traveling guy or the guy who likes camp firing or hiking, I will be indeed surprised that you don’t have a pocket knife. It’s a shame! I mean, Seriously, Bro! Going to a camp without a pocket knife is total unprofessionalism. Cutting rope, or sometimes woods for firework pocket knives makes you handy. Do you think diving into the wilderness or at the time of traveling, you could move with your toolbox? Come on. A pocket knife is irreplaceable. Except for your mobile and wallet, a pocket knife should be your next gadget.
  • Weird Stuff You Never Thought of: Pocket knife can assist you in undergoing some work that you never considered doing by yourself. Couldn’t find a can opener or forgot to bring it with you? No problem. You have the pocket knife as a solution, as a savior of the day. Don’t know where to put your coat in a public restroom, stick your knife with the door attachment, then hang your jacket. On the other side know that a pocket knife can also be used in other functions like a screwdriver when you can’t find those tools. Pretty clever, isn’t it? Ever faced chewing gum attached to your seat in movies or buses or any public place you went to? You can’t use your hand cause it’s disgusting. No problem, you have your problem solver, the pocket knife! Use it to remove gums or other stuff attached to your seat.
  • Self Defense: I think it’s any pocket knife pray that they don’t have to use their knife for self-Defense. But who knows what happens when? We always need to prepare for this. As President Ronald Regan said, “Self defense is not only our right, it’s our duty.” I am not saying it’s the best way to protect yourself, instead of better than empty hands. Furthermore, many states don’t allow guns for protection, then the pocket knife is all you have.
  • Emergency: Just like the previous scenario, you also don’t wanna face this situation. Your car is on fire, water whatever it is, your seat belt got stuck. What are you going to do? A simple knife can help cutting seat belts, breaking windows. Even help you in cutting pants or bandages in time of emergency. 
  • Be your MacGyver: If you have watched TV series from the ’80s to the ’90s, you surely know MacGyver’s name. Everybody knows him! What he couldn’t do with things around him. This section is not about how you become MacGyver by using a pocket knife. LOL man! I am trying to say that most pocket knife users do stuff like fixing or impromptu things. When you start using this, you will discover yourself doing many things that you didn’t do only for not having tools in hand.
hiking knife

Some Advice about Pocket Knife:

  • I always encourage people to use a pocket knife. One thing you should bear in mind, is it legal for you to carry a pocket knife? Because some states have high prohibition using a personal knife. Don’t blame me if you get caught. Be sure of where you are and whether you can carry it or not.
  • Know the size of what you can keep. There are many sizes for a pocket knife. It is up to you to select the one that suits you.
  • With a sharp edge pocket knife or any kind of knife are useless, make sure your knife is stinging before putting it in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

What defines a person as more gentlemanly? Many ways you can answer the question. But you won’t argue if a person with style and intelligence makes you a more gentleman. ESEE Knife is a pocket knife with its stylish look, and easy pickup enables you to the gentleman’s path.

He is a smart person who is always ready for any kind of task, manages the situation instantly. A gadget like a pocket knife opens up that opportunity. My last word wanna get smart, buy a pocket knife that suits you.

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