How to Use a Turret Press in 3 Easy Steps!

Using a turret press can be a hurdle if you lack the technical know-how behind it. That’s why we’re here to present how to use a turret press correctly for the desired outcome. It is primarily used for forming a metal structure with the press.

The energy output of this highly effective mechanism is so severe that it actually shapes the metal in the form you wish it to have.

The way a turret press works can be highly complicated. And to use this complex mechanism, you’d first have to have an idea about the whole thing clearly. That’s why our guide is here to enlighten you about the matter!

What is a Turret Press?

This is the first thing that we need to learn before getting to know anything else. It’s a device with a rotating head known as a turret with a combination of dies.

turret press

It helps you shape a steel material without needing to change dies every time you do the job, making it a highly convenient tool for metal works.

How to Use a Turret Press

Here in the following sections, we’ll briefly examine some of the fundamental mechanisms used to operate a turret press right.

We’ll be discussing each segment with valid details, so you get to understand the matter more simply.

Polish and Decap the Brass

The first thing you’d have to do in the list of different activities is to polish the brass. Polishing would make the entire work a lot easier, and you get the results quicker than ever before.

Lightly lubing would also be a practical task to perform. But then, it’s time to recap your pistol brass.

Go to the Next Station

After the decapping, you’d now have to change to the next station. Here, you’d expand the case mouth. Suppose the mouth is not expanded to the fullest. It would not be possible to get the cast bullet in until you have extended the case mouth.

It will enlarge the opening more in diameter than that of a cast bullet. As a result, the further steps would become extremely easy later on.

Moreover, you won’t even have to shave the bullet on the way inwards either. So, always make sure you’re lengthening up the opening correctly to a certain extent.

Loading Up the Ammo

As you now have performed all the previously required grounding tasks, it’s now time to load the ammo. Place the empty ammo in the reloading block.


Depending on the number of available blocks, it can vary. If your turret press has 50 to 100 slots, you fill them to that amount, but if they have more, you can extend.

Finally, inspect the cases using a flashlight and see if any obstructions are blocking the path. Then finally, seat the bullet in your press.

Final Thoughts

Getting your bullets up and working can seem like a challenging job. But with the suitable instruments, the task gets more manageable.

And a turret press is something that can do the job relatively well in your house. Despite the seemingly tricky mechanism, the turret press certainly is an avid companion, especially if you’re a gun lover. It can get the job done decently so you can put more effort into your gun skills.

In our detailed guide, we have demonstrated to you how to use a turret press correctly. So what are you waiting for? Get those ammos ready and head for the range right now!

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