How To Make A Hunting Bow In 9 Easy Steps (Tips & Tricks)

I get it. Some people are not just like us. We are the people who hunt for challenges and experiences. If you are in a look for “total hunting experience,” be sure to put “ how to make a powerful bow “ or “how to make a hunting bow” on the list. Trust me, and you will thank me later for this.

But here is the thing, many people give up trying what they want or what they want to do because they do not know how to do it. Like this one, trying to make a hunting bow! Don’t you worry, Daddy’s home! Not everyone will know everything.

To make a hunting bow with PVC, you will need PVC pipe of several length and diameters which will be cut and combine them accordingly to the manuals. Then there will be tying, knotting, and tapping it up. Finish it with painting as you like! It is that simple. So,  join me to know the details of making a hunting bow from home.

What is a Recurve Bow?

If you are hunting, you may want to enhance your weapon’s speed, power, and beauty. The more, the better. A recurve bow is just that. So what is a recurve bow?

A recurve bow is a bow having a limb that will curve away from the archer when unstrung. It is, in fact, better than a straight limbed bow. It can deliver more energy than a straight limbed bow. Do you know someone who knows “ How to make a recurve bow”? If you do, be sure he can tell you more how to use it.

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How to Make a Hunting Bow?

If you are doing it, then you are probably doing it yourself(DIY) at home. So, I will do it in DIY homemade bow making style. Note that you can make a hunting bow with various types of materials. Here we will be focusing only on making a hunting bow from PVC that you can do at home. So let us begin making a hunting bow with PVC. Why wait?

Making a Hunting Bow from PVC

You can make a hunting bow from PVC in 9 easy steps. They are given below.

●     Check the bucket list.

Having only a single long PVC will not be enough here. There is more to what else you also need. Plus, you should look into the specification, size, quantity, and model. So here is our list. Make sure you have them in the beginning.

List of Items needed to make a hunting bow from PVC:

62 inches (160 cm) section of 34 inch (1.9 cm) PVC pipe1
12 inches (30 cm) section of 1 inch (2.5 cm) PVC1
4 inches (5.1–10.2 cm) sections of 12 inch (1.3 cm) PVC pipe2
4 inches (5.1–10.2 cm) of PVC pipe end caps (optional)2
62 inches (160 cm) of 550 paracord 12 inch (1.3 cm) thick1
Rubber mallet and1
Electrical tape and Paint1( Each)
Tape measure1

●     Let’s cut the pipes

Once you have everything from that bucket list, it is time to get your hands dirty, if needed. The thing is, it would be hard to get those things in exact lengths. If you are lucky, that is a different story, and you can skip this step. If you are not, cut the pipes as specified in the list above.

●     Merging Time

Put 4 inches of PVC pipe and insert it into the main bow pipe( the one with 62 inches). Use a hammer mallet to rub it in. Use force if needed until the tops of both pipes are flush at the end. Do the same with the other 4 inches of PVC pipe on the other end of the main bow pipe.

●     Make a hand Grip

Take the second-largest(The one that is 12 inches long) PVC pipe now. Only on its one side in the middle cut it and placed it in the middle of the main bow. Use electrical tape to secure it on. You have to make a sturdy layer here. So try overlapping if needed.

●     Tie the Rubber/Elastic String

It’s tying time. Measure exactly 62 inches of rubber or elastic string that you have and then cut it off. Tie it on both ends of the main bow. Burn its end to seal it off.

●     Create a Groove

Use your saw to make a groove on the ends of the main bow and below where you tied your rubber mallet. Make sure your groove sits at a 70-degree angle towards the back of the bow. You will find that it will go in the same direction as the Rubber/Elastic String.

●     Knot a tie at the Groove

Slip the knot of the Rubber/Elastic String you made earlier, and then tie a knot at the groove.

●     Cap it

Now it is capping time! Use the 4 inches of PVC pipe end caps to cap the ends of the bow. It gives an impressive finishing feature!

●     Paint As You Like It

It’s coloring time! You have already made your bow, and it will work. But that will be a poor finish if you left it like that. This is my heartiest request, don’t leave it like this. If you want to use it in the wild, paint accordingly. If you think of gifting to your little sister, draw a unicorn or something that she will love. If you can make it look better, why not?

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Even though it all sounds like bread and butter, you should try out a few tips to prepare and use your hunting bow in a better way.

  • Beware! Pulling back too hard on the bow can even break it.
  • If you can not find a usual rubber string or elastic string, using fabric elastic (found in any sewing store, sometimes even dollar stores) could be your next best choice for a bowstring.
  • Do not use your hunting bow carelessly. Always use a target for throwing arrows.
  • Before throwing an arrow, warn anyone who may be nearby.

Final Words

So there you have it. Now you know how to make a hunting bow at home. You can try to go in the wild with it or play games at your family picnic. Which way you choose, know that you need to act responsibly. In Uncle Ben’s words from the Spiderman movie, “ with great power comes great responsibility.” Do not shoot just here. Have a target.

If the arrows are effective, keep them away from children. I wish you a great experience with your hunting bow. You can also find the best bow for hunting review and buying guide here!

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