How To Effectively Pack A Gun Range Bag

Feel like shooting today? Well, you have to get the bags prepped up nicely, right? That’s why we’ll be talking about how to effectively pack a gun range bag in the most compact manner possible.

Furthermore, what sort of supplies you’d need is also something that should be paid close attention to. Each shooter has his own preferences and choices that suit his style. Depending on that, his priorities may differ from other ones.

On top of that, new shooters should have highly preventive measures for a safer and more enjoyable shooting experience.

How to Effectively Pack a Gun Range Bag [5 Important Steps]

Here in this comprehensive guide, we’ll try to show you the entire procedure step by step. As a result, you’d have a more thorough knowledge and a more practical understanding of it.

1. Things You Need to Have

First, you’d have to decide the things you should have for a time and the range. As we said, there would be many elements that would depend on the shooter’s own style and preferences. That’s why we’ll only include the must-have items to have in the bag!

Let’s begin:

  • Weapon of Choice: Get the weapon that you’re trying to master.
  • Ammunition: Get enough supply of ammunition beforehand.
  • Magazines: Have a reserve of magazines.
  • Protection gears: This is one of the essential items for beginners. Having both eye and ear protection gears are mandatory, especially for novice shooters. So, if you’re one of them, Do Make Sure They’re loaded in the bag.
  • Trauma Kit: This is also a regular item for the shooters. A trauma kit is a must-have item while you’re visiting the range for shooting practice. It’s mainly taken so that you can treat traumatic or minor injuries. Some of the elements in the kit may include, Tourniquet, Compression bandages.
  • Items to Assist: Also don’t forget the accessories which you may need during the time. Usually, the gunners can make gloves for a better grip, sunscreen, hat, and high calorie packaged foods like chocolates and similar items.
  • Practicing Elements: Getting some things for the practice is also crucial. You’d need personal targets for increasing the precision. A notebook and pen can help note down essential figures. Don’t forget spare batteries and rain cover for special occasions.

2. Luggage Tagging

Luggage tagging is also quite crucial for your gun range backpack. It lists your identification information. It’ll save you from a range of different issues which may arise. First of all, it’ll not let the backpack get mixed up with others. On top of that, if you forget it somewhere, people can trace it back to you. So, always have luggage tagging.

3. Safety Check

Another crucial thing to remember is the safety check. At the same time, you’re carrying arms in a bag. We always recommend you use chamber flags. It will make sure that the arm is safe and save you from extra worries.

4. The Small Plastic Bag Method

Another critical issue to consider is plastic bags. These plastic zip lock bags are highly convenient for storing things that spread to places. So, if you have trouble managing small items inside the bag, we’d always recommend you use plastic zip-lock bags.

Another use of these bags is, they’re incredibly efficient against water. We’d suggest you get the zip-lock plastic polyps that are said to be waterproof because poorly manufactured zip-locks can let water in.

zip lock bags

Anyway, after getting large and quality waterproof zip lock bags, you can get special items or devices in them for better protection. So especially during rains, even if your bag’s outer surface isn’t protected against water, these bags will surely come in handy.

On top of that, if you have trouble getting all the equipment in them, just load the bag with some of these and use them if rain becomes an issue.

5. Things You Should Leave Out

One mistake we tend to make is getting things that are not necessary. When you’re going for the range, you’d want to have the lightest bag possible.

Plus, you shouldn’t be worked up so much already that you are not able to perform. No point tiring the body with a large and heavy bag filled with unnecessary stuff. Let’s look at some things you should always leave behind.

  • Unusable gear: Gears that you don’t use or not in the condition of using, leave them out. Each small piece would, in turn generate a considerable weight.
  • Double Items: Another place where we always go wrong is having multiple copies of the same item. Hats or other similar items, whatever they are, if you have too many of them, it will waste a substantial space inside the bag and would end up making the bag heavier.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, our highly detailed analysis has shed light on how you can arrange and organize the range bag to perfection. With the utmost effort, a beautiful evening at the range can indeed be achieved. And having a properly ordered backpack is one of the most important considerations of all in that regard.

Having a precisely organized range bag can quicken up your session so you can ramp up the practices to the extreme.

It will also lower down the extra chores and help you focus more for a better shot at the targets. So, what are you waiting for then?

 As you know how to effectively pack a gun range bag effectively, get those bags packed, all ready and organized, and hit the targets each shot!

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