Top 9 Best Single Stage Reloading Press [Classic]

A reloading press is a very distinguished part of your diurnal chores if you’re a marksman, professional target shooter, hunter, or anything like that. It is basically a gradual process that’ll end up offering you a worthy and finished bullet as a fruit of your labor. So after that, it means you need the best single stage reloading press immediately for your personal uses.

There’s no suspicion about the fact that getting new ammo pinches your pocket to a bit more than giving a try to the reloading press. Additionally, it is more of disgust if you use expensive or uncommon ammo.

In such circumstances, there’s nothing worthier than bringing a single stage reloading press. When it comes to purchasing a single stage reloading press, asking for embodiment is not at all a crime, mate!

So, prior to thinking of getting the best single stage reloading press make sure that you know the whole process and what is this all about. In order to make things simpler than any rocket science, we are to provide you with the reviews of some notable single stage reloading press. So, let’s go on!

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9 Best Single Stage Reloading Press: Experts opinion

1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic


  • Heavy-duty; Easy-to-setup.
  • Swift changing dies.
  • Power measurer for bullet powder change.
  • Easy to place brass on the holder.


  • Reloading handbook Included.
  • Compatible to work on most of the calibers
  • Three Lock-N-Load Die bushing Added.


  • Expensive to buy.

No matter if you’re a noob or an expert who got used to reloading in his everyday life, the Hornady Lock-n-load classic provides you with perfect precision and is a must-have tool if you’re a reloading enthusiast.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic comes with a very exceptionally flexed and heavy-duty cast frame offering superior visibility along with precision. Very few reloading presses can meet your needs the way this godsend does.

This incredible reloading press ensures that you get a precise die and shell holder pattern. The bushing method has become easier than ever with the swift and luminous process consisted of the Hornady Lock-N-Load classic.

With this Lock-N-Load brought to you by Hornady switching from one diet to another will be committed within the blink of your eyes.

The simplest and quickest die setup is going to be within your reach if you purchase this alluring instrument You just need to adjust the die to the Sure-loc ring and you’re done!

In cases of single-stage reloading press, priming and repriming are the initial processes. By dint of your depriming and sizing die, you can skillfully place your brass on the holder which will execute the function when you draw up the ram.

It features a primer arm that is included in the kit. By placing the primer in the center of the ram, priming your cases by pushing the handle forward can be executed within the blink of your eyes.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic features five stations that help you to work on every stage using the best instrument. Once you set it up, going through the process of reloading is no longer a catch-22 process!

Generated powder drop is another significant feature that contains if this Lock-N-Load. It guarantees that you charge the powder only when there is a case inside it to behold that. Unless that, the powder will not be released.

2. LEE PRECISION 90998 Classic


  • Largest opening and the lengthiest stroke
  • Super-adjustable handle.
  • Heavy-duty O-designed cast-iron body
  • Customizable handle
  • Durable baked powder coating


  • Automatic primer arm for maximum comfort
  • Ram insert can be twiddled.
  • Permits standard shell holders.


  • A bit bulky to handle

If you’re a newbie in the reloading press, this single-stage reloading press brought to you by LEE PRECISION is the perfect match for you. LEE PRECISION 90998 Classic is surely one of the best single-stage reloaders hailing in the market.

This has been crafted to deal with large series 1 ¼-12 dies. It also includes a compound linkage along with assertive travel stop and safeguards push toggle or commonly identified as cam over.

Whether left or right, the ram insert of it can be rotated to authorize primer installation. This magic boon skilfully admits standard shell holders. It features a handle that is customizable and is able to provide you the minimum travel of any press.

Most of the single stage reloading press comes with an extra-lengthy handle which becomes a problem. This uniquely manufactured reloading press has a customizable handle that you can adjust as you desire.

The baked powder coating of this best friend of yours is very lasting and makes this particular layout a versatile addition.

The automatic primer that this LEE PRECISION 90998 Classic has along with the bottom of the stroke priming in order to enjoy a top-class experience.

In order to warrant ultimate strength, it has been crafted with cast iron in a very classy and versatile O-design. The massive 1 ⅛ diameter ram is fully drilled through for permitting spent primer disposal exactly in the trash can with the adjusted tube.

It undoubtedly the largest opening in the industry with the longest stroke. This enigmatic beauty has been able to make your bullet knock things out!

If you are looking for a solution worth your budget, then this is it! It will not make you spend piles on your single stage reloading press and will not pinch your pocket as well!

3. RCBS Summit Single Stage Reloading Press


  • Proper frontal ingress
  • Heavy-duty, Cast Iron product
  • Features a spent primer tray
  • 2” ram diameter


  • Brass in it doesn’t shake or displace, holds the brass
  • Able to handle different dies and ammo
  • Easy-to-use; Can be set up in minutes


  • The less lengthy handle functions well on a smaller bullet

Made from DAPPER materials, RCBS Summit has been able to take away5-star ratings of the customers.RCBS is genuinely a trustworthy brand to rely on if you are to purchase a single-stage reloading press.

Usually, single-stage reloading presses are such products that are crafted in such a way that they can make your reloading press comfortable and easy. With this chic reloading press brought to you by RCBS reloading is gonna be as fun as shooting.

Brooding the case on its position brings better aftermath as it makes more up-to-do ammo compared to those which go up to the die station. This guarantees that only the dies would displace on the reloading press and the brass stays rigid for providing you with perfect fidelity.

RCBS ensures that you are at ease enough while reloading the brass. If you go for this outstanding single stage reloading press you can enjoy maximum comfort along with the best quality bullets.

No matter if you are a right-handed or a left-handed user, we are not here to judge you. In fact, we are to help you as this reloading press is designed for both categories. You can place the reloader on the right or left side as you want.

The ram of a reloading press is a very important part of it. The wider it is, the better for you. The ram of your press will support the maximum weight and method of reloading your weapons. The 2” ram diameter makes things easier than ever.

Furthermore, the spent primer tray is set exactly below the shell holder that will catch every used primer. Your disgust of cleaning it up comes to an end after reloading for a really long time.

RCBS Summit also includes a massive opening frame which is approximately 4.5 inches in measure. It lets you resize your bullets on assorted types of brass and make it last longer than the random ammo that you use. Sizing the longest brass would not be a matter of fret for you if you work on this beauty.



  • Compatible with ⅞ x14 dies.
  • Best for slender-duty works.
  • Convenient primer system.
  • Top-class ram.


  • Elite-quality cast iron frames.
  • Functions good on reloading routines
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Versatile handling


  • Discommoded style of press.

LEE PRECISION is one of the most prominent manufacturers available in the bullet market. They tend to craft their single stage reloading press by cast iron which manages to provide you with extra comfort.

This 90045 powered by Lee is said to be compatible with ⅞ X 14 dies and can function beautifully in the reloading back-to-back routines. If you are prone to light-duty chores, this chic reloading press may work wonders for you.

One of the most highlighted parts of this reloading press is its primer system. This dressed to nine primer system of Lee Precision is more than sufficient and your irritations of cleaning it are over.

With it, you are able to utilize a 6-inch lengthy leave. Most of the random reloading press makes you make a hole in your bench for cleaning the primer. You don’t need to do that if you go for it.

However, it comes with a C-frame that sometimes can make you feel inconvenient. It curtails the durability of your loading press.

LEE PRECISION 90045 provides you with a productivity percentage that is more superior to many other mainstream ones available.

5. RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme


  • 4- Inches of the ram-holding surface.
  • 4.25-inch loading window.
  • Handle crafted with stainless steel.
  • Case forming and bullet swaging added.


  • An extra-long window ensures reloading bullets easily.
  • Ambidextrous O-designed model for luxury.
  • Hunting reloading press;20 x 15 x 10 inches dimension


  • May expose you to lead.

9356 Rock Chucker Supreme brought to you by RCBS is one the worthiest single stage reloading press on which you can spend. This hunting, single stage reloading press is going to be your best friend in this reloading game!

Rock chucker press frame renders you a proper four inches of the ram-holding surface for supporting the one-inch diameter center ram in a rigid way.

The handle of this reloading press is crafted with solid steel and includes a comforting ball-like gripping handle.

No matter if you are an amateur or a pro, this single stage reloading press brought to you by RCBS is an absolute solution for you. The enigmatic strength of it makes it the priority to choose from the pile of the typical models. It features a piggyback-4 that be utilized to an advanced loader as well.

In addition to its heavy-duty,tank-like body it includes a case forming and bullet swaging as well.

The ambidextrous O-designed model by RCBS is manufactured in such a way that it guarantees your comfort. The durable and marvelously heavy-duty body makes sure that it can withstand every adverse condition.

As it features a 4.25-inch loading window, reloading has become more efficient than ever! With such a lengthy window, you can easily reload your bullets with ease.

RCBS has been a brand that has clearly been the best in the reloading business for approximately 60 years. Made from high-quality materials it includes a Rock Chucker Massive Press, Ambidextrous arm, Guidance manual, Primer catcher.

6. LEE PRECISION Classic Turret

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret


  • Auto-Disk powder measurer for accuracy.
  • Heavy-duty steel linkage.
  • Manual for instruction.
  • Safety scale.


  • Manufactured by solid cast iron.
  • Super-lengthy grip lever.
  • Quadruple-hole turret press.


  • Chances of leakage if the finer powder is used.

Getting into the reloading strategy sometimes seems a bit frightening. But once you get your hands on the Classic Turret press brought to you by Lee Precision, you don’t need to look behind!

If you’re skeptical about how to start your reloading journey, this enormous boon from Lee precision is the thing that you require.

The box of this single-stage reloading press comes with everything that you desire prior to commencing reloading.

It accentuates a manual that will come to be your best in performing the loading work. It has been written in easy-to-understand language. The manual will let you be acquainted with a ton of data required.

The safety scale included in it works marvels for the learners. It can effortlessly recognize just scant changes in grains. Though it is very sensitive, it is to drift its calibration without conduct.

It features an Auto-Disk Measure that might look confusing initially but works wonders. It originates functioning when you drive a disk by a hole in the back and forth under the powder hopper. And when you dispatch the powder in the hole, you’re actually depositing it into your casing by the expanding die.

If you want to settle your powder according to your need, you get the disks out and then pivot the disk in any of the six holes. The dimensions of the holes vary from each other.

Classic Turret brought to you by Lee Precision is a great choice to go for. If you get it once, it can get your work done for decades. This top-class hardware has been constructed in a tough manner and executes any function very smoothly.

The other components added in this kit boost the excellence to a level higher. Even though it seems like you’re investing a bit too much for this alluring kit, trust me it’s worth it!

7. Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load

Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load


  • Automatic indexing method
  • EZ-ject method
  • Metering inserts
  • Activated power-drop


  • Automatic progressive reloading press for changing dies swiftly.
  • EZ ject method skillfully ejects each cartridge.
  • Built-in priming method; maximum capacity hopper.
  • Easy-to-change metering inserts; Easy-to-set


  • No dies included in it.

A single-stage reloading press is simply the best solution when it comes to reloading your ammunition. Hornady has been one of the most trusted brands on which you can fully rely on. And these 095100 Lock-N-Load reloading presses brought to you by Hornady have skillfully snatched the highest rating among the reloading gurus.

The multi-functional features that are offered make your work as easy as a cake. This auto-progressive single stage reloading press lets you change your dies within the blink of your eyes. Even loading other calibers are easier with this extraordinary tool.

The Penta-system bushing procedure offers you transform from 223 to 24 in a duration of fewer than five minutes. You will require less time and adjustments with this 095100 Lock-N-Load brought to you by Hornady. Just set some adjustments on your dies and boom! You’re done!

The EZ Ject method of this Lock-N-Load renders the purchaser an extra round yielded at a certain duration given as it can throw out each loaded cartridge every time and needs no adjustments to execute. Contrary to the other ones, the Hornady 095100 possesses a technology that provides you with full-proof dependability.

Metering inserts in it can be changed within a minute and features a versatile case retainer spring along with an auto-indexing method. The retainer spring in this single stage reloading press beholds the case on the shell holders while it passes through the procedure of being reloaded.

The universal spring in it defines that no matter with which case you’re dealing with, it can have the case on the place. Even you can easily discard the case if necessary.

In order to guarantee the safety and accuracy of your reloading procedure, the activated powder drop works wonders. It assures that the kit only discharges powder if there’s a case inside it to safeguard it or behold it. If there’s the cartridge absent, the powder will surely not be discharged.

You don’t need to worry about the mess anymore with this marvelous invention powered by Hornady.

The power-packed hopper in this reloading press can hold tons of ammunition, unlike the typical ones sacrificing the quality over fame. It lets you execute fewer chores incases of emptying the box of yours.

8. RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker


  • Heavy-duty steel handle.
  • Ball-like handle grip.
  • Easy-to-upgrade reloader.
  • Masquerade reloading press.


  • Easy-to-set.
  • Massive authorization for additional ammo.
  • Classy outlook.
  • Features spent primer trays.


  • No dies included.

The RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker might be one of the best decisions ever taken by you. Initially, it might look like something unworthy and way too simple.

Compared with the other ones swagging the business, this one works wonders!

When it comes to reviews or features there’s nothing more supreme than this Rock Chucker version. It is WORTH IT than you can presumably imagine!

It comes with some extra accessories that make your work easier and more lucid than anything else on earth. This can possibly be the one and only machine that is able to meet your needs when in need.

The powder scale along with the powder measure featured in it provides you with more accurate outcomes than you can think of even in your wildest dreams.

This hunting reloading press is famous for its awesome versatility and its massive heavy-duty outlook. The iron-cast manufacture of this heavy-duty kit makes it more alluring.

The ambidextrous handle of this single-stage reloading will be handy for you whether you’re right-handed or left. It will render you the exact grip for which you have been craving for.

Every progressive reloading press has its very own method in cases of priming the brass. In this case, you will get to enjoy a tiny primer arm that you can adjust in the shell holder while it goes up and even put it out if you’re done.

Unlike the random ones, you don’t need to go for a separate tool to use them.

9. RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master


  • Features a Nosler manual.
  • Hand priming kit
  • Unique powder measure
  • Hex key kit


  • Iron cast frame
  • Ambidextrous handle.
  • Heavy-duty body


  • No shell holders or die included.

If you aspire to master the art of reloading perfectly, this boon can come in handy. This 9354 brought to you by RCBS is one of the best reloading press in the single-stage category.

It comes with everything that you need for getting your bullet reloaded. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro it might come in handy. Most of the cartridges come are pretty long in design. And to be compatible with them, this RCBS Rock Chucker has been lengthened to keep this feature in consideration.

This money-saving, versatile, and heavy-duty single stage reloading press extraordinary blend, precision, and magnanimity. It features hand priming equipment, a universal caseload, a mechanical scale.

This benchmark of reloading presses is surrounded by every piece of equipment that you need to get your work done. This rock chucker supreme press beautifully reloads your old unworthy bullets like a dream come true.

Just include shell holder and dies according to the caliber, you’ll get an outcome like never before! The Nosler 7 reloading manual in it is going to be your best buddy in cases of reloading.


For celebrating a mind-boggling purchasing experience, it is a must to be acquainted with the basics of reloading press; Especially a single-stage reloading press.

To make your reloading experience a bit better, we are to provide you with information that’ll make you A to Z of single-stage reloading presses.

You don’t need to waste your money on unworthy releasing presses if you take our recommendations into consideration.

Here are the top-most prioritized features that you need to look over before buying your press.

Manufacturing quality

The manufacturing quality of your reloading press is the first and foremost point that you need to look over.

Without a top-of-the-grade manufacturing quality you can’t expect you reloading press to take you to places!

Refrain from purchasing products with cheaper materials and try buying pressed made of cast iron or steel.

Comfortable usage

Professional or an amateur, everyone prefers a reloading press that can make your work done within a blink of your eyes

No matter how much mastery you possess, you always love to work with simpler kits, don’t you?


No one would like to waste their riches without a valid reason. When it comes to buying a brand-new reader, more is definitely a thing about which you need to ponder.

Most of the time the reputed brands gain fame because of their quality products. However, there are different causes as well.

We would propose you to make your purchase from a known brand for maximum eligibility.

Quality of Dies

Undoubtedly, dies are an incredibly integral piece of reloading. Practically, you will require it to use for sizing, perching, or crimping of the pellet.

Take a look at the quality of your dies before getting it.

Wrapping it up

Reloading presses are definitely a very inevitable part of your life if you’re dealing with ammunition in your daily life.

Here we have served you with the best single stage reloading press that you can ever possess. These best single stage reloading press will surely make you learn the funds of changing dies quicker than ever!

If you decide to give your hands on any of these products, trust me you won’t even consider going for any other one! With these boons, you will be able to get top-loaded ammo in your hands in no time.

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