The Top 10 Best Range Backpack

Going on a mission is not a game. You have to carry your guns and ammo with you and you need to have enough room in your backpack. Now, here’s one thing which most army-man overlooks. They don’t pick the best range backpack for them.

Going for a heavy-weight backpack can give you a hard time. In fact, if it doesn’t have a wide range of pockets, the odds won’t be in your favor as you’d want to load your bag with weapons.

To make sure you can carry out your mission successfully, I’m going to make sure you have the best range backpack for yourself. Hit the reviews to know more.

If you are also tensed about the safety of your guns from the fire, then you can read the blog about fireproof gun safe.

10 Best Range Backpack Review

Go and check the reviews of the best range backpack. This might be your lucky day.

1. G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack


  • High-quality denier nylon.
  • It has got a large space.
  • It comes with an internal honeycomb frame.
  • Imported from the U.S.A.
  • 1000 denier polyester along with lockable zippers.
  • Two different colors to choose from.
  • Triple stitched molle webbing system enlarge the stability!
  • Visual I.D storage system gives you quick and prominent work.
  • Padded shoulder straps elaborate on your comfort.


  • This is a bulky type backpack.
  • The shoulder strap could have been a little larger.

When it comes to range backpacks, there we have a lot of options! If you want a good quality backpack with some extra benefits, G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is here for you. Want to know the features? Let’s make a discussion!

It is one of the most durable products in the case of a backpack! Because it has used high-quality denier nylon which makes this bag more durable! Surely you can tell that this backpack is made to last. So you don’t have to be worried about the permanency of this backpack!

We know that this is a tactical range backpack for your better support. If you are a gun ranger or competitor, this backpack can be your best pick! Because you can carry up to three handguns and all the accessories whatever you need.

For solidness, This backpack has no comparison. It has used the honeycomb frame for making the bag more rigorous! So it is a poor plan to buy another backpack cause you’ve got the better one like G.P.S tactical range backpack!

G.P.S tactical range backpack is imported from U.SA. So, you may surmise that how good the quality backpack can be! This can be a great turn-on for you if you like American products.

This tactical backpack is made with 1000 denier polyester which made the bag stronger! Also, this bag has the option of a lockable zipper! If you want to keep your special things in a safer place, this tactical backpack is for you!

G.P.S tactical range backpack has 2 different colors, they are black and tan. Both of these colors look awesome, so you may choose any of them.

2. EXPLORER Tactical Range


  • Made with 1200D nylon.
  • It has enough space on the front side along with a rear side.
  • Inner partition for separate linking.
  • The bag has six different colors.
  • 2 zippers elongate your convenience.
  • Padded shoulder strap for heavy loads.


  • A tear in the quick access flap.

If you want to go on a mission and need a perfect bag for all of your collections, Explorer Tactical can be a smart choice for you. It is large, padded, and above all, it gives you the comfort zone you need.

Do you want a long-lasting bag that can handle the weight? Well, you got it. This tactical bag from Explorer is the perfect catalyst for you. It is made with 1200-denier nylon that makes the bag more stable and viable than the 1000D ballistic nylon.

It doesn’t matter what type of work you do with it or where you take it with you, this absolute beast can withstand all the beatings like a pro.

As for space, you don’t have to worry about carrying another bag with you. This spacious bag will do the carrying job in one go. It has seven magazine pouches in the front compartment and four different pouches in the rear compartment which are very deep. For which, you get to keep almost anything even if they come in a good amount of weight.

In addition, it has an inner partition for keeping some individual linking, which obviously is a plus for your traveling days.

Now, let’s face it. You want to travel with style, don’t you? This bag from Explorer will leave everyone awestruck as you carry it with you. It comes in six colors to suit a variety of tastes. They are Black, Olive Green, Brown, Black/Dark Camo, Green, and Tan Coyote.

The best part? It has 2 dividers, a fast access double zipper, and a lockable zipper! Plus, it’s super light in weight. For which, you’ll feel the comfort as you carry it.

The padded shoulder strap will give you enough support to carry heavy loads. So, make a face on those people who don’t like this type of tactical range.

3. Backpack Range Bag with Large Padded Deluxe Tactical Divider


  • The nylon material makes the bag more sustainable.
  • This backpack has large padded straps.
  • It has a permanent space to carry a laptop.
  • This is a very spacious backpack compared with other backpacks.
  • A double zipper pulling system minimizes the trouble.
  • The lockable metal circle can give you better privacy.


  • Not a stiff backpack

If you are still searching for the best range backpack, you can take a look at Deluxe Tactical Divider. Let’s find out more about the product.

Unlike other bags, this one is made of advanced nylon materials which makes the product one of a kind when it comes to durability. Because of the nylon fabric, your backpack won’t face any tears or wears. So, you don’t have to worry about sustainability at all.

While other bags may give you a hard time as you carry them, this one stands out as it offers you the comfort zone. It has wider backpack straps that allow you to easily carry your bag, no matter if you are tall or short.

In any case, you may need a laptop. No need to despair! Because there is a separate place in this backpack, where you can carry the laptop you need.

The main compartment of the backpack is very wide. This means you can easily carry the things you need only by carrying this bag. No need to convey several bags to carry your extras. Because it will be able to carry all your needed items in one go.

You should not have to worry about using the zipper though. Because it uses a double puller zipper system to minimize the trouble of opening or closing your bag. This feature will help you a lot in making your work easier and convenient.

As for security, there’s no better alternative than Backpack Range Bag. Because there is a lockable metal circle which keeps your bag locked unless you unlock it manually.

4. 5.11 Tactical Range Backpack


  • Highly functional range bag along with the stores with 8 magazines.
  • 600 denier polyester extends the durability.
  • Brass totes for easy cleanup and has removable ammo.
  • 9.5″ long and 15″ wide.
  • Drop-down front flap stores option.
  • Integrated hydration storage for spick and span.
  • Removable padded shoulder strap with reinforced grab is included.


  • Unable to lock compartments.

If you want to carry a lot of weapons into your bag and need some additional space, the 5.11 Tactical range is here for you. It is constructed from heavy-duty material and boasts tons of important features.

Be on cloud nine, cause you have the best backpack which is the 5.11 Tactical Range Backpack. Let’s move into the product.

If you want a highly functional range bag, you can definitely choose this tactical range bag from 5.11 with your eyes closed.

You can keep your guns well organized inside it and guess what? They stay safe as well. It has got a different space where you can keep guns and magazines. Speaking of which, here you can easily set up to 8 magazines.

5.11 tactical range bag is made with 600D polyester which is durable enough to withstand all the toughest challenges. Tears wear, you name it, the sustainability is awesome and as you take it on a mission with you, it survives everything like a one-man army.

This particular bag has removable ammo and brass totes for easy cleanup. You can always keep your bag clean if you want.

The dimension of the range backpack is 9.5″ long and 15″ wide. It means you can get a large size of the bag. You don’t need any extra bags and give You have sufficient space in this bag to carry all the necessary things.

And here’s another great feature that may leave you awe-stuck. There is this drop-down front flap store option, which will make sure you have ear and optics protection 24/7.

Another special aspect of this bag is that it has an integrated hydration storage system so that you can store the drinks you need. Not only that, your drinks or food here will be hydrated without any doubt.

The handle is attached separately to lift the bag, as well as a removable padded shoulder strap so that it will not cause any trouble or hassle in carrying your bag. This will give you a comfortable feeling ever.

5. Hand gunner G.P.S Backpack


  • High-quality nylon material for long-lasting capacity.
  • Can put 4 guns together in a vertical position.
  • High-density foam used here.
  • You will get the protection of waterproof.
  • Two fascinating colors: Digital Camo and Black.
  • Lockable heavy-duty zippers.


  • It is quite heavy.

If you like functionality along with an attractive design, it is high time to choose the best range backpack. So, Hit the nail on the head! You may get the best Backpack by selecting this product, which is the G.P.S Hand gunner Backpack.

The quality of the fabric used in making the bag is very high. The manufacturers used solid nylon material, which will make it much more durable and long-lasting. There is no chance of being wear or tear.

If you would like to carry four guns at a time, this one is the perfect pick for you. You can put your guns in a vertical position in the G.P.S. Hand gunner Backpack.

For complete protection, the G.P.S. Hand gunner backpack is used in high-density foam. This will protect the stability of the item you put in your bag.

This means that even if you get too heavy on the way, you will not face any problem cause plenty of accessories will remain stable.

Suddenly when you find yourself exposed to bad weather conditions, you may need a raincoat. In that case, the G.P.S backpack will never disappoint you. It comes with completely waterproof features.

G.P.S backpack has two pretty colors: Digital Camo and Black. Although the colors are common, they are very popular in the marketplace.

On the primary compartment of the backpack, you can get Lockable heavy-duty zippers. This will provide you ultimate privacy for sure. So, if you are still worried about the privacy of your bag, it’s useless cause you to have a G.P.S Hand gunner backpack.

6. OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag


  • 600D ballistic nylon.
  • Heavy-duty zippers are very strong.
  • 6 popular colors.
  • It has 7 compartments.
  • 2 spacious zippered pockets.
  • This bag has a removable pistol bladder.
  • Decorated with both handle and shoulder strap for carrying options.


  • A little more costly.

If you want to make your trip successful, you need a consummate bag. That’s why the Osage river tactical range bag is here! Are you on a hunting trip? Then definitely this bag can be your final choice. Let’s turn into the features.

Speaking of durability, the location of the OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag is made of 600D ballistic nylon is used here, which ensures its enhanced durability.

Along with the ballistic nylon, it makes with heavy-duty zippers which are a plus for you. That means your zipper is built to last. This can be very strong compared with the other zippers.

Osage River has got a variety of colors that can catch your eyes. Black, Coyote Tan, Gunmetal Grey, OD Green, Pink and Black, Tel and Black; these colors will win your mind.

Having 7 compartments in total, you can pick your necessary accessories, weapons, or pistols in your bag. You can perfectly store two to three handguns very easily.

Besides, you can store your necessary magazines, ammunition, and accessory storage. That means you don’t have to bother about the place if you choose this bag. No more hassle to take with all the important and work items.

To keep yourself in the safe zone, it has got a different pouch especially made for keeping your pistols in it. You can fit the pouch with the bag and can use it individually if you want.

You can use the handle for your own comfort, and also can use the shoulder strap. It’s totally your call.

7. Gun-mate Range Bag 1919687


  • The main compartment is covered with a roll-up flap.
  • Side and the main compartment for sufficient storage.
  • 2.5 pounds of weight when empty.
  • It is made with good quality elements.
  • Straps and handles for carrying.
  • Heavy-duty zippers.


  • Not big enough.

For advanced or new shooters, Gun-mate makes some of the finest range of bags. If you want something extravagant, then 1919687 has all the features that will make you want to buy it.

This bag will help you a lot in getting fast and perfect work. The main compartment of the bag is covered with a roll-up flap, for which, you get to set it up easily within a snap.

The side and main compartments are good enough. You can keep your pistols in a secure place, as it is included with a padded rug or stuff like that. Also, you can remove the dividers and adjust them with your own choice. Obviously, you can carry some accessories, guns, or weapons in your backpack.

On average count, the weight of this bag is only 2.5 pounds when empty. You will feel a lot lighter carrying this bag even after it’s full.

As for durability, it is made with very high-quality material that will make the bag much more durable and permanent. Even if you touch the bag, it will feel very soft to you.

Gun-mate 1919687 Range Bag has straps and handles for you to carry your bags without any hassle. They are well designed. Besides, you will get heavy-duty zippers. There will be no trouble with the chain opening or closing. They are not noisy at all.

8. Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag


  • You can carry up to 12 guns.
  • Explorer Tactical Gear Bag is made with nylon.
  • 13 separate compartments.
  • Dedicated weapon pouches.
  • Lockable zippers for great privacy.
  • The total size of the bag is 16″ x 9″ x 11″ and the size of the main compartment is about 13. 5″ x 7″ x 9″.


  • Magazine holders are tight a little bit.

Get your comfort zone as you use Explorer Tactical Gear Bag. It is hands down one of the best backpacks available in the market. Let’s go into detail.

You can choose this bag if you want to carry all your belongings in just one go. Because it’s huge of a bag where you can carry up to 12 pistols at once, bullets and other equipment are also included.

As far as durability is concerned, there is the nylon used material that will impress you. It makes sure your bag stays long-lasting and tear-free even if you use it for years.

It can be a weaker plan to buy those typical bags since there are so many special aspects. Here we have 13 separate compartments that will present you with a huge space. That is, nothing left to do, take all your useful stuff on the journey.

For extra security, you can keep your guns in the main compartments which have dedicated weapon pouches. Here you will get five magazine holders.

For holding your accessories in a secret position, this bag will give you heavy-duty lockable zippers. You can leave the bag somewhere, just by locking the bag. Because this lockable option will be great security for you.

The total size of the bag is 16″ x 9″ x 11″ and the size of the main compartment is about 13. 5″ x 7″ x 9″.

9. Black Hawk Pistol Range Bag 74RB02BK


  • Makes with good quality material.
  • 600 denier polyester.
  • Lots of zipper pockets.
  • A waterproof backpack.
  • It has standard-size coil zippers.
  • Wraparound tactical web handles for better weight support.
  • Two exterior slash pockets.
  • Black Hawk 74RB02BK has MOLLE Webbing features for adding some extra sacks.


  • The main compartment divider is feeble.

Still, searching for the best range backpack? You might want to give Black Hawk 74RB02BK a try.

This bag is undoubtedly crafted with quality material. Looking at the thing will make you realize it yourself. What I mean is, if the outlook is a big matter for you, then this bag will be your ultimate choice! Because its look is so rich and premium.

Black Hawk Pistol Range Bag is heavily built with 600 denier polyester. Besides, hard nylon is provided on the inside of the bag, so that it is more solid and adjustable.

This bag has got a couple of outer pockets and also some inner pockets to carry knives, guns, magazines, etc. The pockets are also zippered so that you can place your necessary things very easily.

Another specialty is that it’s a waterproof backpack. It means a little bit of rain could not ruin your time or journey. This is stiffly built. So it stays durable for years.

The bag has standard size coil zippers that can be efficient for you. These zippers are noise-free, smooth, and study.  

For excellent weight support, it has wraparound tactical web handles. This feature has been added so that you do not feel burdened to carry the bag.

For holding some small things or magazines, you have two exterior slash pockets. There is no need to insert these small objects by pushing them with other objects, as they are given separate spaces to hold them.  

You can add some extra pouches to your Black Hawk 74RB02BK. How? Because it has MOLLE webbing features for attaching some extra pouches if you need it. This option will greatly benefit you.

10. Condor Deployment Bag


  • 4 separate zipper compartments.
  • Here we got 3 various colors.
  • The bag has a shoulder strap along with an adjustable and removable option.
  • Condor deployment is a comfortable using bag for web carrying handle.
  • It is approximately 6″ x 12″ x 5.5″.


  • It is pretty small.

Condor has brought an attractive and effective quality model to the market, which is Condor Deployment Bag. Keep everything in your bag without any anxiety, because it has enough space with privacy.

This bag has four separate compartments, where you can place all your accessories. Not only that, there are separate zippers for each part, so you can keep your necessary thing in a private place.

It offers you 3 different colors to choose from. Olive Drab, Multicam, and Black, any of these three might be your ultimate choice.

This bag has a shoulder strap that allows you to carry your bag on your shoulder if you wish. Even, it has adjustable & removable options, that’s why you can remove the strap and carry your bag by the handles.

Want to get your comfort zone? This bag is should be your best pick then. The yarn is knitted on its handle so that you will not feel any pain in the hand even after carrying the heavy load.

When you talk about the dimension of this bag, it is quite usual. The size is about 6″ x 12″ x 5.5″ which meets all your standards.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Range Backpack

If you’re going to buy a range backpack but you don’t know what features you should look for, chances are, you’ll end up buying the wrong product. To make sure that doesn’t happen at all, here are the things you should look for before buying a backpack.


Does size matter or not is just another topic for a day but when it comes to range backpack, size does matter a lot.  So, make sure you have a backpack with the perfect size that meets your standard.


Size is something else but the shape is completely a different thing. If the shape of your bag is a bit weird, it won’t look good. On top of that, the shape may get on your nerves as you carry it. It will be a major cause of your discomfort.

So, make sure you buy a backpack that has got a compact shape that is easy to carry and easy to deal with.


The more the pockets, the more things you’ll be able to store in your bag. To make sure you can keep all your things, get yourself a backpack that has got a wide range of pockets in it.

Safety Compartment

As you’ll carry guns and ammo, you don’t want to get them mixed with other things, right? This is why get your hands on a backpack that has got a different compartment for your guns and ammo.


Carrying your bag can give you a hard time. And when it’s a range backpack you’re dealing with, you have to be extra-cautious. Make sure you buy a backpack with soft shoulder straps, which will give you the comfort zone you need.


Not just backpacks, you need durability for everything. As you’re going to buy a range backpack, make sure you buy something durable. You can go for Nylon-made backpacks since they’re resistant to wears and tears.


I hope you will be able to find the best range backpack as you’ve gone through the reviews.

Why would you waste your money by buying all those typical poor-quality backpacks? So it is time to buy the best range of bags that suits you. It should be clear to you why the product is different from other products. So, don’t be confused, just make a decision to buy the best range backpack. 

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