10 Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Rifles, shotguns, and 9mm are the life of a hunter. Every year during the hunting season, hunters are used to bringing out their assets from their gun safe. And this “gun safe” is assumed to be the most expensive investment by a hunter. But, if you are a user of guns for hunting, you will definitely need the best fireproof gun safe as soon as possible.

You can ask us why?

Well, a gun safe can’t only protect the gun from theft but also saves the arm from natural disasters like a fire burning. That’s why day by day, the demand for fireproof “gun safe” is increasing.

And we are going to write an expert review on the ten best fireproof gun safe – in this article. The study will be divided into three parts. The first part will show you a detailed analysis of each fireproof gun safe.

Then the second part will show you the process of buying a fireproof gun safe. And the final piece will answer some common questions so that every gun-safe owner asks at first. So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s jump right to the early part.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe: Experts Opinion

As we are here to give you honest feedback regarding fireproof gun safety, we aim to provide a real-time experience regarding the safety option. So, you are going to taste the truth about each product based on our expertise.

The reviews might be straightforward. It is because of your well-being because we don’t want you to get ditched. In total, you will get what you need. Let’s start without delay then.

1. Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX


  • Secured device.
  • Biometric technology.
  • Pry resistance.


  • The beep sound could be louder.

We listed this product for its three unique features. The features will be discussed step by step. First is “safe bump” protection. What is a safe bump? It is a common thing an unwanted guest applies to open the safe.

Thankfully, this guard will not allow any intruder to apply the trick because it has a motorized actuator. This technology stops manipulating the knobs. Sounds great!

This means we need to talk about the second feature. The second feature is its key. Viking has introduced an undefeated key mechanism with this product. And that is, a newcomer will fall into a riddle to open the safe house.

The reason behind this riddle is – it enters in one way though it looks symmetrical. Now, you can ask, “what should I do if there is a dead battery?” In this case, you have to remove a plate to get access. So, you have to practice a lot to know the exact opening.

Like the vital mechanism, we found a great option. For instance, the reset button of this safe house lies in the interior. If any person wants to access the “reset button,” they have to drill the metal cover.

Apart from these major facilities, we are satisfied with the fingerprint and materials. But we did not like the beep sound. It could be a bit louder. That’s all we loved about the product. Look again at the pros and cons.

2. BARSKA Biometric fireproof gun Safe


  • Sturdy mounting bolts.
  • Perfect place for a handgun.
  • Battery life is good.


  • We did not like the latch bolts.

A perfect place to hide your 9mm gun. Why are we saying that? Just for the benefits. Benefits like critical biometric technology. This technology is tricky and goes with several procedures. For example, it’s tough to open for the first time. It does not mean the second time will be easy to open.

The truth is, it’s more than robust. One of our users complained that -he could not open the safe house for the first try, and it took one month to learn the procedure. Maybe this is a sign of negative marking for some of you.

For us, it’s okay. Trust us! Why should you trust us? Well, for the materials. The materials are like solid steel to resist tampering and two pry-resistant deadbolts to avoid unwanted entry. These facilities will keep your family and thieves away from the entrance.

So, you can travel or sleep for a long time without having an extra headache. The previously said features will not only save you from human entry, but they will also protect the essential document and gun from a natural disaster.

We loved this safe house for a 9mm gun, but not for others. Why? Because the digital latch-bolts retract all the time. As a result, the door remains locked if you don’t open it immediately.

3. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe


  • It works great in the dark.
  • Perfect for handgun and pistol.
  • DOJ certified.


  • Biometric fingerprints take 5 to 6 seconds to open.

There are a lot of negative comments on Amazon regarding this gun safe. But we enlisted the product on our list. Why? Only for three reasons. Number one, the biometric facilities are good enough within a limited budget.

The next one is its digital keypad. This facility will help you to set the perfect locking combination after biometric security. We recommend; not to use both guards. If it fails, then you have to go to the wordsmith for that.

And the final one is a sturdy interior and flexible mounting option. You can keep a pistol and documents inside the safe box because it will protect your assets from natural and human disasters.

Like disaster protection, this gun safe has a high wall mounting option. The silver-coated bolt anchors the box so tight that it will be tough for a thief. Apart from all of these facilities, we found some drawbacks.

This device takes 5 to 6 seconds for opening through the scanner works great. In a nutshell, we will rate this 3.9 out of 5. Still, don’t trust us, read the reviews from amazon you will find more. But don’t forget to look at the pros and cons.

4. BARSKA AX11556 Gun Safe


  • Two handgun spaces.
  • It has a wall mounting and drawer mounting option.
  • Advanced fingerprints.


  • It takes time to open in an emergency moment.

The cons of our earlier product hit us so hard that we chose to pick a fast biometric unlocking system. And, this Barska model is a real example of that. This product takes only 3 seconds or less to open the fingerprint.

The fingerprint system is too powerful to stop. And we call this feature a negative side. Why? In an emergency moment, it takes time to open. We had to use the hidden key to unlock the door. One of the best parts of this secret key is – the manufacturer has buried it under the keyhole.

Along with these significant features, we want to add some other features -that we liked most. And they are; this safe house has sturdy deadbolts and pry-resistant construction. This means your child is safe, even if a thief cannot harm your valuable property.

Plus, the entire assets are safe from natural and human disasters. To make it so protected, Barska used quality materials. In total, a perfect place to hide your handgun and documents. Still, there are a lot of things left.

5. Stack-On Fire-Resistant Gun Safe


  • Fire resistance.
  • Sturdy locking system.
  • Enough storage option.


  • We did not like the pain smell.

Our previous reviews were for handguns and pistols. And this one’s for shotguns and rifles. We will try to explain our positive and negative experiences regarding this safe. So, the first things are as follows:

We could store four guns in this safe. The safe has two shelves. One is for arms, and another is for ammo and accessories. Over the shelves, there are plenty of spaces for keeping handguns or books.

In a word, we could store two rifles, two shotguns, and five handguns with ammo and accessories. We are satisfied with the storage option. Another satisfactory thing is the locking system.

We used three different combinations to secure the lock after applying this secure locking system. Our teammate tried to open the door. They could make it happen because of a hard steel plate.

It stays behind the locking system. From that point, this safe is perfect for securing shotguns and rifles, though the paint smells terrible.

6. Stack-On SS-22-MB-E SS22 Gun Safe


  • Nice color.
  • Enough storage.
  • Electronic locking system.


  • Poor battery life.

We don’t know why people are putting so many negative reviews about this safe. In our opinion, this one is the best budget-friendly safehouse. Why? We are going to write that, but before that, we want to make you clear that it is not a paid review.

So, the first thing we like is its storage option. We could store seven rifles and four shotguns in this safe. Along with gun storage, it has enough space for storing documents and handguns. To ensure this safe landing, it has four unique shelves with space.

Sounds great, right! There is one more thing you should not miss. And that is an electronic locking system with sturdy deadbolts and materials, though people are complaining about battery life.

7. Stack-On TD-40-GP-C-S


  • Highest fire resistance.
  • Waterproof.
  • Secured.


  • Poor instruction manual.

When hunting season knocks at our door, we bring back all of our guns and ammo from this safe. This stack-on gun safe has around thirty rifles and fourteen handgun storage options. It also has ammo and document storage facilities as well.

So, we don’t have to think of alternatives to store our licenses and other essential options. There is also another important thing about the safe house, and that is security. It has three unique locking combinations and four ways of bolt locking.

These two features will save your guns from unwanted entry. Not only will it keep you from unwanted entries, but it will also protect you from fire heat and water attacks: a complete fire and waterproof and fireproof safe house.

In a word, this gun safe contains the best support, except for the reduced instruction manual. We have given our own opinion about this. Hope it will also help you to choose your best one.

8. MESA MBF7236E-P Gun Safe


  • Artistic design.
  • Enough space.
  • Safe and secured.


  • The Interior carpet could be better.

Last year, one of our teammate’s cottage burned from a bushfire. The fire consumed everything, but it could not touch his documents and guns. Yes, it was because of MESA. This gun safe has a thousand-degree Fahrenheit fire endurance. That is why Tim could save his property for that day.

According to Tim, it has an electric locking system to protect unwanted entrances. If an intruder enters, then it will be tough for him to break the pass. Why? It has drill resistance and sturdy steel construction.

Besides the security facilities, this gun safe has enough interior space for storing rifles and shotguns. Not only guns or rifles you can save, but also the essential documents can be stored. In a word, we liked the security and storage facilities.

9. Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Fire Protection


  • Advanced technology,
  • Amazing LED lighting.
  • Great design.
  • Fireproof


  • We found a gap between the bolts and the door.

People are referring to this gun safe for three reasons. One is advanced locking technology, another is amazing LED lights, and the next one is space. We are going to talk about the facilities in detail according to our experience.

The first thing is advanced locking technology. Technology, like EMP-proof, can help you to secure the assets by setting up a number combination. This sort of locking system is hardened for burglars and children.

The next thing is the LED lights. And the light turns on when you open the door and turns off when you close the door. This light takes less power to glow. Maybe that is the reason why people love this gun safe.

There is another reason for loving this safe house, and that is – enough storage option. A gun owner can store twenty up shotguns and twenty rifles in this safe. They can even organize their ammo and documents in this storage option.

While people are praising the benefits, we noticed some flaws in the door locking system. For example, the solid-steel locking bolt has a gap from the door. This gap could not satisfy us to buy the product.

10. Quicktec gun safe


  • Easy to install.
  • Slim.
  • Sturdy materials.


  • The biometric process is not secured enough.

This quick tech gun safe has a technical problem. A problem like a burglar can easily reprogram the fingerprinting method. But it will be tough for him to detect the keypad. Now you can ask why we started this review by pointing a negative point.

That is the fact we did not like it at all. Now let’s move to the positive parts. First comes the easy installation process. As a user, you don’t have to take the hassle of installation. You need to anchor this narrow closet with some sturdy steel bolts.

Secondly, we liked the data recovery process. If the power fails, it will recover all the data safe. To get the data, you can use the emergency key. Simple!

Thirdly, we liked the wrong alarm and fire-resistant features. When an intruder tries to enter the false key, it will beep the crazy alarm sound. Moreover, this narrow closet, a safe house, can save you from natural and human disasters.

In a word, you can keep this safe for storing five to six rifles of four shotguns.

Fireproof gun safe buying guide:

To do the earlier ten reviews, we had to observe various factors. Each of the elements is a primary consideration for every buyer. When we were researching for this review, we considered our points of view and experts’ opinions regarding the products.

Based on the consideration, we have decided to create an organized guide. This guide will help a newcomer or pro user to rethink “what should I consider?”. So let’s get into the guideline section without delay.

US gun safe regulation:

The first thing we noticed is the US “gun safe” regulations. For your concern, we want to write about some organizations. These are the primary institutions that certify “gun safe.” If you see any of the certifications, it’s a positive sign for you.

So, the first thing is the “Underwriters Laboratories” certification. This is also known as RSC certification. The goal of this institution is to test” gun safe” so that citizens can keep that safe in their houses.

The next one is “California department of justice” in short ( DOJ) this certification is essential for the California-based seller. And these two organizations scrutinize the safety issues to ensure the standard.

So, we are recommending you notice the recommended certifications before buying.

Gunlock system:

There are three kinds of gun lock systems. And they are biometric locking systems, electronic locking systems, and traditional locking systems. Three of the locking procedures are amazing. But we recommend using the biometric and electronic locking system. These are safe and secured.


It depends on the “gun safe” criteria. If you have a handgun, pistols. Then a briefcase-sized gun safe is good enough. On the other hand, if you have rifles or shotguns, then a closet-sized gun safe you should need.

Both of the gun safes have a unique installation procedure. Most of them are secure because it comes with built-in technology. In such cases, people usually take the hassle of mounting. We recommend you to check “how easily you can mount the gun safe? Is it too hard to install? “If you can answer the question, we hope there are high chances of winning.

Interior of the “gun safe”:

A mandatory thing one should consider. As a user, we checked the space. For example, how many guns can we insert? Other facilities, like interior materials. Interior materials are an essential asset for a gun owner.

If you are a seasonal hunter like us, you need to keep your gun healthy. Perfect internal weather can keep your arm healthy. So, make sure an ideal interior for your gun type.

Fire resistance:

The final thing you should consider is – fire resistance. At present, all of the gun safes have fire-resistant. Maybe some of them have low endurance or high endurance. But they have the ultimate patience. So, before paying your cash, check the fire resistance measurement.


Now we are going to answer some common questions -that every gun-safe owner asks. The reason behind structuring this session is to clear some concepts. And the approach is as follows.

Can gun safes be stored in the garage?

This is the best and safest place so far because the garage has less humidity. Plus, kids and unwanted guests cannot reach the place.

How much does gun safe weigh?

It depends on the gun type. If you have an assault rifle and shotgun, then it must be less than 500 pounds. On the other hand, if the guns are like handguns or pistols, less than 100 pounds will be the safe gun weight.

What are the best fireproof gun safe brands?

We liked the SentrySafe, Barska, and Viking as our best fireproof gun safe.


Now it’s time to conclude our total writing journey. Through this journey, we tried to put our real-life experience regarding the fireproof gun safe. We hope this sharing will help you to choose the right weapon reliable. If so, then let us know, “Which one is the best fireproof gun safe so far?” We are eagerly waiting for your answer.

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